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Vital Transfers can transfer almost any type of audio or video to today's digital formats. I take your treasured memories and convert them to a format and media you can play on a current device—CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray, USB stick, media card, etc.



"Hi Craig, just want to tell you that my husband, Bill, is absolutely thrilled with the videos!! I don't think it has ALL sunk in yet!! Bill is a bit overwhelmed with how much work and time has gone into these videos that you have done up for us!! Thanks you so much. Bill was sitting in his chair tonight and watched one of them for 2 hrs. straight through!!!! What we have seen so far is great... thanks so very much!"


-- PAT  --

We do studio quality work, and your DVD will have a professional, studio feel to it whether a family memory or a musical treasure. No job is too big, too small or too old. If you are looking for someone to trust, who does a great job, and at a reasonable price, contact me for details and an estimate any time!


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